Bar Exam

The Bar Exam

Introduction of bar examinations in the Maldives

The Legal Profession Act 2019 (“LPA”) introduced two essential requirements for becoming licensed to practice as a lawyer in the Maldives:

  • completion of a 1-year training programme (“Licensing Training”) under the supervision of a licensed lawyer;
  • passing a bar examination (“the Bar Exam”) administered by the Bar Council.

Information regarding Licensing Training may be found here: Licensing Training – Bar Council of the Maldives (

Objective of the Bar Exam

The objective of the Bar Exam is to examine a law graduate’s capacity to practice law in the Maldives. The exam will assess skills at a basic level by addressing a candidate’s analytical abilities and understanding of the law and is intended to set a minimum benchmark for admission to practice.

The Bar Exam will be administered once every calendar year.

Eligibility requirements for the Bar Exam

Candidates wishing to sit the Bar Exam must have:

  • obtained a qualifying law degree from an accredited institution; and
  • fulfilled all applicable registration requirements; and
  • paid the examination fees.

Further details on these will be published closer to the exam date.

Structure of the Bar Exam

The Bar Exam will be a multiple-choice exam, testing the knowledge to practice in the following areas:

  1. Tort Law
  2. Criminal Law and Procedure
  3. Constitutional and Administrative Law
  4. Contract Law and Practice
  5. Land Law and Practice
  6. Maldivian Legal System

Bar Exam 2022 (BE2022)

BE2022 will be the first Bar Exam administered in the Maldives.


Download the BE2022 Syllabus here:

Exam dates: BE2022

BE2022 is intended to be held on Saturday 25 June 2022. The exact time will announced in due course.

BE2022 registration

Deadline for registration for Bar Exam 2022 is one minute after 23:59 hrs (11:59 p.m.) of Friday 15 April 2022.

Please register via this link:

You will need to upload the following documents when submitting the registration form.
1. National ID card
2. Passport photo
3. Law degree certificate or completion letter issued by the graduating institution (stamped)
4. Full transcript

Note For Applicants:

  • Before submitting the form please recheck the information on the form for typos and mistakes as this might result in your missing out on important communications regarding the exam.
  • Make sure that all attachments to this form are clear scanned copies of documents. Photos taken by mobile phone camera is not acceptable.
  • All documents uploaded must be named as follows. (name of the applicant-name of the document)
    • example: Aishath Ali- Degree certificate, Aishath Ali- Transcript, Aishath Ali- ID card
  • In case there is any change in email address and contact number provided in this form, you are required to email immediately.

No payment is required at the time of registration. You will only be asked to pay the Bar Exam fees once all registration requirements are met, and the screening and verification process is completed. BCM will then inform you of the decision, and will share payment instructions.

Updates and queries

Please keep referring to this page for updated information related to BE2022.

All Bar Exam-related queries should be sent to

If you are a Maldivian law student or law graduate, the Bar Council invites you to join the Aspiring Lawyers Forum, the dedicated communications platform for all those seeking to join the legal profession to communicate directly with the Bar Council regarding all aspects of legal education in the Maldives, Licensing Training, the Bar Exam, and Admission to the Bar. The Bar Council will be using the Aspiring Lawyers Forum as its primary communications platform to disseminate information to all those seeking admission to the Maldivian Bar, so all Maldivian law students and law graduates are urged to sign up to this platform.

Sign up for the Aspiring Lawyers Forum using this link: