Licensing Training

The Legal Profession Act 2019 (“LPA”) introduced two essential requirements for becoming licensed to practice as a lawyer in the Maldives:

  • completion of a 1-year training programme (“Licensing Training”) under the supervision of a licensed lawyer;
  • passing a bar examination (“the Bar Exam”) administered by the Bar Council.

Information regarding the Bar Exam may be found here: Bar Exam – Bar Council of the Maldives (

Qualifying Law Degrees

Licensing Training (1-year training)

Instructions for trainees

Application Form for Licensing Training Approval


Register of Training Supervisors

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Listing as Training Supervisor

Training Supervisor registration form

More information

If you are a Maldivian law student or law graduate, the Bar Council invites you to join the Aspiring Lawyers Forum, the dedicated communications platform for all those seeking to join the legal profession to communicate directly with the Bar Council regarding all aspects of legal education in the Maldives, Licensing Training, the Bar Exam, and Admission to the Bar. The Bar Council will be using the Aspiring Lawyers Forum as its primary communications platform to disseminate information to all those seeking admission to the Maldivian Bar, so all Maldivian law students and law graduates are urged to sign up to this platform.

Sign up for the Aspiring Lawyers Forum using this link: