Executive Committee Elections

Positions remaining vacant

Following the First EGM of the Bar Council on 11 June 2022, the following positions on the Executive Committee remain to be filled:

  • Executive Committee Member (3 positions)

ExCo Elections 2022 – Round 2

Election Rules

As with the first round, the Second Round of the election will be held under the Bar Council’s Rules of Procedure for Executive Committee Elections (the ExCo Election Rules): ExCo Election Rules


The election of members to those positions remaining to be filled on the Executive Committee will take place at the Second Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM 2) of the Bar Council. This EGM will be held on Saturday 02 July 2022 (time TBA).

Eligibility to vote

All members of the Bar Council of the Maldives are eligible to vote in the ExCo Elections, subject to registration pursuant to the ExCo Election Rules.

Candidacy papers

Prospective candidates may access the principal documents required to be submitted with their candidacy papers below:

Voting process

Informational video – ExCo Elections 2022 voting process


List of candidates standing for election to the positions remaining vacant on the Executive Committee of the Bar Council for the 2022 – 2025 term:

List of registered voters

Voting in the election being conducted electronically, all eligible voters wishing to vote in the election must register to vote in order to be provided secure access to the electronic voting system.

Interim list of registered voters:

Registered voters list issues

All members of the Bar Council registered to vote in Round 2 of ExCo Elections 2022 are urged to scrutinise the Registered Voters Interim List and immediately notify the Secretariat of any issues observed: Gazette Notification: Registered Voters Interim List issues

You may use this Issue Notification Form to notify the Secretariat of any issues with the Registered Voters Interim List. Notification must be made before 2359 hrs (11:59 p.m.) on Wednesday 29 June 2022.


The Elections Committee has established a 3-member Complaints Committee to investigate complaints related to the ExCo Elections and has further adopted the following Rules of the Complaints Committee: